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Eloquent Writing That Drives Employee Engagement and Business Results, One Word at a Time

Clean, creative, powerful communication—it’s not optional. My promise is to help you disengage from the riptide of “content” and connect in a direct and thoughtful way.

Case studies, copy, proposals, landing pages, executive profiles, presentations, tag lines, headlines, job descriptions, one-sheets, press releases, marketing emails, drip campaigns, video scripts, web copy, product descriptions, sales collateral, webinars, and speeches.

Past clients include BD, Novartis, Pfizer, PAREXEL, Bausch+Lomb, D&B, KPMG, UBS, Chubb, Church & Dwight, American Express, Obama for America, World Savvy, the Fannie E. Rippel Foundation, Three Lobed Recordings, Astral Spirits, as well as creative agencies and individuals.


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Areas of Practice

corporate internal communications

Culture is crucial. The best internal communications writing uses the language of the people, and sparks a sense of inclusion, teamwork, and pride, whether it’s an employee newsletter, brochure, intranet post, email blast or in-the-flesh presentation.

corporate human resources

HR’s ability to communicate crisply and build trust can lead to a direct impact on a company’s bottom-line. Whether you’re developing policies, explaining benefits, or recruiting, it’s important that all communication is compelling and on-brand.

marketing & Design agencies

Writing web copy, case studies, email newsletters, or tag lines depends on a quick and deep understanding of your client’s brand and business case. Agency overflow is real; one or two new clients can overwhelm your in-house copy team.


Scott has the rare ability to combine elegant writing and business acumen. He brings lyricism to what in other, less capable hands, could be dry or dull. Scott lives naturally at the intersection of powerful, human communication and strategic business goals.
— Julie C., owner, 98pt6

Scott’s writing is like the best a-ha moments — unexpected, intuitive, and insightful.
— Jocelyn G., Editor-in-Chief,

Scott is a conceptual thinker who goes beyond the parameters of a brief and asks, ‘what if we did this instead...?’ Because, ‘this,’ is usually the better idea. However, he’s also an understated, sharp-witted guy who knows the value of letting an idea simmer for a minute before making a call on it. That makes him an outstanding project and people manager.
— Nick M., Award-Winning Creative Director, Jupiter

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