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Manage Your Day-to-Day: I wrote a chapter for this Amazon best selling book that also includes chapters by Seth Godin, Gretchen Rubin, Stefan Sagmeister, Tony Schwartz, Steven Pressfield, and others.

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email copy

In a previous role as director of marketing, I developed a full-scale email marketing program, which helped to double both web traffic and conversion rates over two years. I can help you develop drip campaigns with a tone and messaging that converts.

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Articles: Fast Company &

For several years, I worked as a freelance columnist at Fast Company and, writing about leadership, culture, and creativity. I have also written for American Express OPEN, Inc. Magazine, and other online business publications.

99U Archive | . Fast Company Archive Shut Up and Listen (and Other Advice for First Time Leaders)

Fast Company: What’s Wrong with Management Training and How to Fix It

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sales copy

The Case for Personalized Video: This is an example of copy originally designed for an in-the-room sales presentation, and later repurposed for a sales deck. Its purpose was to help sell a new product—personalized video.



Case Study: 360° Virtual Reality Recruiting Series: This succinct case study illuminates the results of a recruiting project for BASF.

Attracting Experienced Hires – KPMG’s The Real Deal Case Study: Another example of a case study of a recruiting project.

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web copy

I have written or co-written dozens of web sites and landing pages. One recent example is the supervision of a complete redesign of this creative agency’s site, where I wrote much of the copy including the tag line “Production Company Brawn, Agency Brains.”

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Writing winning proposals depends on the ability to quickly assess a potential client's business case, and write to their needs and the needs of their audience. This kind of business understanding only comes from years of working with all kinds of companies on all kinds of projects.

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video scripts

One example of a voiceover and video script for a book trailer.

From 1998-2002 I was the producer of 120 Minutes on MTV and wrote all scripts for the host Matt Pinfield.