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Podcast Production for Employee Engagement

Step 1: Gather the Stories

Your employees have rich, layered lives. Let’s gather the stories hiding in plain sight. We will work together to solicit stories directly from from employees or by nomination. We’ll uncover stories of transformation or redemption that align with your company’s mission and values.

Step 2: Get the Stories Down on Tape

Over the course of 3-4 weeks, we will conduct hour-long professionally recorded phone interviews with each. Let’s get them on tape. Each interview will be reviewed and evaluated based on the stickiness of the story and the performance, as well as its appropriateness in connecting with your employees and to your brand goals. The stories will be edited down into bite-size, listenable chunks of 5-10 minutes each to form the basis of the podcast. (Bonus: this recorded material can be re-purposed as video voice-over or turned into written employee profiles for a newsletter or email series.)

Step 3: Produce and Distribute the Stories as a Finished Podcast

Once we have the stories on tape, we will organize them into themes that represent employer branding goals or your communication initiatives. Let’s make a podcast. The themes will form the basis for each episode in the series. We’ll work together to find a host (typically a charismatic employee or member of the internal communications team). We will develop the host’s script and edit it together with the produced employee stories. The final podcast will be distributed on a consistent schedule through employee channels (email, intranet, newsletters), as well as public platforms like Apple podcasts, if appropriate.

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