New Manager Handbook

New boss. New responsibilities. New team. Results yesterday?

It’s totally overwhelming when you’re starting a new management role, especially if you don’t have any experience leading others. Expectations are high. You need to deliver on your objectives and prove yourself to your team and develop a leadership style and communicate with your new boss (of if you own your own business, your boss is the bottom-line).

And if your business is like most businesses these days, you have to do all of this in the face of great uncertainty and constant change.

How on earth?

New Manager Handbook is a short, sweet + actionable guide for new managers and first-time leaders. It includes expert input from Michael Bungay Stanier, Todd Henry, Brennan Dunn, David Burkus, and Emily Cohen.

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New role, new team. Overwhelmed yet?
Quick, dependable guidance for new managers & first-time leaders.

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